About Me

Jennifer – Lawyer by day, paranormal investigator by night. Blogging as The Haunted Feminist, she employs hard work, science, a healthy skepticism, and sometimes dangerously stupid stunts to get to the truth.

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  1. Miles Rogers says:

    ok im looking for answers and I dont really know where to go, so here it goes. My name in Miles im 19 and i was a student at Georgia military college in milledgeville. The town should sound familiar it was the former capital of Georgia back in the day it is also home to Central State Hospital which was one of the largest mental health facilities way back when. Its now abandoned well me and a few friends decided to do some urban exploration during the day. We went inside one of the main buildings and looked around, i must say the place was not only creepy but frozen in time. we had a few unexplained experiences that sends shivers down my spine still to this day however thats not why im telling you all of this. for the past few months ive had reoccurring dreams about this place. and in one dream i heard someone scream for my name. I woke up in a panic in a pool of cold sweat. I cant stop thinking about this place it has become an obsession i cant get it out of my mind. im just looking for answers but dont know where to start looking. all I want to know is the location where they kept the children who had mental illnesses, I feel like its a child that is trying to contact me. If you can help me in anyway possible that would be great


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