The Lowe Files

I will admit it: I had little belief that this show would do anything meaningful. No offense to Rob Lowe or his sons, but paranormal TV has seemed to move closer to The Price is Right and further from actual scientific investigation.

I had little doubt it would be fun. Rob Lowe has a great sense of humor from what I’ve heard (don’t forget he was in “Tommy Boy” with Chris Farley), and a head screwed on straight (a 26 year Hollywood marriage doesn’t happen out of sheer dumb luck). His boys on the show seem to have inherited his level-headedness. One son appears to be a bit of skeptic, and the other a bit more optimistic about all the things going on. This leaves a very even keel on which to base a show.

The fact that the show opens with Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” pretty much tells you all you need to know, in a very good way. First, that song has made its way into hilarious infamy from both SNL’s/Christopher Walken’s “Cowbell” skit and a brief mention in The Simpsons, echoing rumors of Lowe’s sense of humor. Second, it’s on guitar hero. Third, it’s actually not a bad song. The fact that Lowe didn’t want a specially unique song and instead looked to a piece of classic rock music, used in every day life, offers to reinforce that he’s actually a normal guy just looking for some answers. Rob himself jokes this exact idea when he tries to get a donut but the entire town comes out to get his autograph.

On one episode, the Lowe men use an Ovilus. The one son says it’s just pre-programmed to randomly spit out words. The other thinks the words “pie” near the kitchen, and “lady” where a woman was found brutally murdered are more than mere coincidence. The first son says they are creating a narrative. I thought that was a brilliant observation by the young man, and those are sentiments I’ve echoed myself. However, the Ovilus says “Corbin.” Not only is Corbin a seriously less used word than say “pie” or “lady,” it happens to be the last name of the murder victim.

There’s a lot more in just this episode alone, but I personally think the series is worth your time.

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