Quick Update

I know, I know- I’m an unreliable slacker and loser.

First, I am moving so that’s taking up a ton of my time. I have to get new everything- doctors, utilities, find new grocery stores and gas stations, post offices… make a new commute schedule for work and what not….

Second, I fell really ill so that really screwed me.

Third, my job screwed me. I’m still working on that one. Maybe when I’m back firing on all cylinders I will address it. I still have a bit of mind fog with congestion.

Fourth, my group, ATL GA Ghost Girls, disbanded and is therefore on temporary hiatus until I decide what I want to do next. If you care I will tell you what happened but overall these things always happen, no paranormal team stays together forever- even TAPS and Ghost Adventures have added and dropped team mates.

I will be updating will all kinds of paranormal news, trends, fads, shows, etc. For real. No, really!

About Jane Arrow

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