Ghosts of Shepherdstown: Fake?

Evidently an eagle-eyed viewer spotted someone on the show “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” and found out the person on the show was an actor:

The article even went on to cite an IMDb page for actor Bradley Nnadi, who reported played “a witness named Terrence” in the first episode of Season 1. As reported, all of this came as truly disheartening news for paranormal investigation enthusiasts.

One article had someone on the show quoted as saying some things were “staged and faked.” She did NOT say that but she did say that “some of the locations or ghost stories were changed by the show’s producers ‘to make good television.’

To me, that doesn’t seal the deal on whether or not this show is fake. First, almost any paranormal show has some recreation/re-enacting to it. That’s the nature of the beast- we can’t perfectly recreate what someone saw exactly over and over again for television so yes, sometimes things have to be recreated. Second, yes, some ghost stories are just plain boring. I once saw a pair of legs with feet walking down the hallway of an office where I worked. Nothing else, just legs and feet. No sound. All black. In the morning. Scary? Not even a little. Interesting? Not really. No reason for the legs and feet to be there. For all I know I hadn’t had enough coffee that morning. Would they ever put it on TV? Only if they could find a way to work some sort of gruesome murder or horrific haunting to attach to it. But if you’re trying to build ratings on a cable network show where all the other buildings are haunted you find a way to work it in and sometimes that means… exaggerating. Or, lying.

You make the call.

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