Sorry its been so long since my last post, but let me explain: I started a new job that I absolutely love at the beginning of October. This means all that free time I used to have reviewing evidence and keeping up with the paranormal is gone. On the weekends I have to do what I can’t do during the week like buy groceries, do laundry, wash dishes- household maintenance stuff. So basically I am flat-out of time.

The whole think makes me anxious because for all I know, I have the greatest evidence of the paranormal sitting on my hard drive somewhere. Although to that extent, no where we’ve investigated has seemed to be haunted in the least.

I did have a dream that 2 of my fellow long-time paranormal friends and I went to a most haunted house, with lamps flying on their own and full-bodied apparitions. Closer to Disney than real-life, of course.

I am still keeping up with the paranormal and will try to at least share the news with you. If nothing else, check out the ATL GA Ghost Girls facebook page. Tracy (and sometimes I) post interesting news bits there.

Be back soon, I promise.

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