I’m bAaAaAck

Happy Halloween gang!

Long time no post, I know. Got a new day job putting away the bad guys. No worries, though, Tracy and I are still putting together future investigations.

Speaking of investigations, as I type I am watching “Paranormal Witness True Terror: Night Ward” based on Old South Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, it’s entirely re-enacted  and at a separate hospital or sound stage. They’ve done themselves a great disservice by not using any number of actual pieces of evidence caught by any of the teams that have been through there. This re-enactment even had one actor said he was recording everything- so where is all the footage?

Of course, they also added a bunch of nonsense that likely never happened, either. Yes, the elevator doors have been known to work on their own despite not having power to them. Was there ever the spirit of a small child in there? Not to my knowledge.

Tracy and I got contacted by another TV producer who suddenly disappeared like so many before him.

I did send two books – only one paranormal- to a publisher. Waiting to hear back.

On with my blog!

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