OSPH part two

Last Friday m FiL and I went to another investigation at Old South Pittsburgh Hospital in Tennessee. On the way we stopped at the Confederate Cemetery in Resaca, Georgia. It is an amazing cemetery with an interesting history, but not haunted.

In May 1864, the Civil War battles raged in the community of Resaca. Hundreds of Confederate and Union soldiers died during the battles. Col. John F. Green was forced to take his family and flee his home in Resaca.

Returning back to their land, they found the dead Confederate soldiers still lying on the battlefield area where they fell or buried in shallow graves around their home. Col. Green’s daughters Mary and Pyatt were upset by the sight and decided to collect the bodies and give them proper graves. Their father gave them two and half acres of land to use as a cemetery. They and their African-American cook and maid dug graves and began re-interring the dead soldiers in the Confederate cemetery.

Mary Green started the Resaca project without any money in July 1866, finished it in the end of October and all debts were paid by end of December 1866. Mary Green died on Jan. 2, 1924, and is buried with her parents in Historic Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta.

Mrs. E.J. Simmons of Calhoun, Georgia is the only woman buried in this cemetery. Not only is she the only woman, but she is the only person buried in the Resaca Confederate Cemetery that is not a soldier. Mrs. Simmons was the president of the historical society and made many improvements on the cemetery including an iron fence to replace the previous wooden one. Mrs. Simmons was also the head of a movement to place a memorial stone in the cemetery.

Next to the cemetery is the actual battleground, although we didn’t know it at the time. Maybe on our next trip we’ll stop by there as well.

This time around we played both “Dixie” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” while taking a ton of pictures. We also tried out a new Ovilus type app for the phone, which appeared to be absolutely useless. I had tried it on another location and found it to be useless then as well.

We got to OSPH a little early thanks to my BBF (Best Bitch Forever) Ninja. It was really great because instead of setting up equipment at night (which cuts into our investigative time), we set it up at like 4 and then went to dinner. Ninja was in need of help that evening as about 25 people were expected to show up. She had told me earlier she wanted me to lead a group and I had said that was fine. There were constant breaks for water and rest, and we had to make sure no groups ended up on top of each other but it seemed to work.

There were, indeed, about 25 people. We broke off in groups of about 5 (I think I had 6 but since one was my FiL he doesn’t count). I got a headset and a badge and took off with my group. We started in the basement/kitchen area because it was blazing hot and that was the coolest part of the hospital. One of the members of my group said he was being touched by the infamous “Naughty Nurse” who hangs out in the kitchen. We heard the occasional bang/knock. My group came armed with cameras and K2s, and it appeared they had been on investigations before because they asked appropriate questions and waited for responses. We heard footsteps coming from the next room, which was the doctor’s dining area. We followed them in there and heard more knocks and bangs.

I didn’t have a camera down there, and I have not reviewed all the evidence so I cannot say at this juncture if that part of the investigation was fruitful, however, when we went into the room where the child-molesting maintenance man lived, we heard a piece of metal clang like it had been thrown to the floor. We were unable to find out what it was, exactly, or where it had landed, but it was clear, and we all heard it.

On the third floor we spent some time in Nelly’s room, and while one guest’s phone app seemed to be allowing her to communicate we didn’t catch anything with our own ears or eyes.

I invited the group to investigate room 302, where the red light was located last time I was there. I am not certain if they did, or if they caught anything if they did. Maybe one of them will contact me to let me know.

We spent some time in the nursery. The SB7 sounded like a child laughed at one point, and when we were all singing children’s nursery rhymes a K2 lit up. Again, at this time I am not sure of any other evidence caught at that time.

We went to another room where an alleged “elemental” had been choking women and hitting men. (Quick note: An elemental is a mythic being described in occult and alchemical works from around the time of the European Renaissance and particularly elaborated in the 16th century works of Paracelsus. There are four elemental categories: gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders.) The rumor is that another group which frequents the hospital uses ouija boards and had unleashed it a few months prior. I had a camera and my Xbox Kinect hooked up in the room and caught nothing upon my video evidence review. However, out of seemingly nowhere in the middle of our investigation of this room a red and white ball rolled across the floor. We watched it as it rolled towards a guest and her camera, then moved around the tripod’s legs, and around her foot. We were all very interested in this phenomena. No one had noticed the ball previously. The ball was handed back to the other side of the room and it didn’t move, which eliminated the possibility of a sloped floor. After giving it a nudge, the ball rolled straight across the floor to the other side, not the curved path it had taken just minutes ago.

We ended up in the hallway somehow and used the laser grid and SB7 but we were uncertain if we caught anything. A guest did show me some strange shadowy things on her camera which had blocked some of the grid, and I wouldn’t mind taking a closer look at them again.

On the second floor we investigated the records room with the grid and our digital voice recorders but again I am uncertain if we caught anything.

If anyone from my awesome group is reading this, again, I apologize for forgetting specific names.

If I get any evidence I will of course post it.

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