Hauntings in the next town

Long time followers of my blog will know that when Buppa comes to visit we going exploring and yesterday afternoon was no exception. We went to the cities of Conyers and Covington to investigate various claims of ghosts, hauntings, and paranormal activity.

First we went to find a hidden family grave site. I cannot tell you where it is or how to get there, but it’s there. There were rumors of snake-handling Satan-worshippers complete with animal sacrifice allegedly not far from the family grave site. I find this hard to believe but to be fair, I didn’t travel far from the grave site because I injured my foot the day before by falling into a river and on some rocks while wading across (twice) to rescue a toy for my daughter. Anyway, to get to the grave site you have to travel down a dirt road, look for an opening in the barbed wire by where the old road has been closed off and then hike through weeds, brambles, poison ivy, etc. about 250 feet while looking for it to the right. Basically, someone doesn’t want you there and quite frankly there  is no reason to go there. Its a very basic 4 grave site family plot, surrounded by the woods. I saw no evidence of any Satanic animal sacrifices or anything even being haunted. Quite frankly, if you were dead and buried out in the woods where no one could find you without serious effort, why would you hang out there? I got no bad vibes, heard nothing strange, saw nothing strange. The other two people I know that have been able to find the site also did not mention anything about hauntings or ghosts or Satanic cults.

Let the record show this is the second time I’ve been misled about Satanic cults.

Buppa suggested we use Google Earth to see if we can locate an old homestead or something but it’s so heavily wooded you can’t see much of anything using Google Earth, let alone the grave site, or the closed off old road that would take you to it.

From there we went to check out the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library. It’s newly renovated and stunning. It has two floors, and inside has study rooms, a law library, a genealogy section, tables and couches, a patio with rocking chairs… it’s amazing. Not likely to be haunted, but still worth the trip, in my opinion. I took a ton of pictures and did not get any impression that it was being haunted but who knows.

Next I took Buppa to one of the last remaining soda shops in the country – Beasley’s Pharmacy. I had a soda, we both had a scoop of orange sherbet while sitting at the counter. Very pleasant. We then drove by what used to be Michaelangelo’s, but is now some sort of office conglomerate. There is no sign to designate who or what is in there but it is not for sale or lease, and there are people and computers inside.

At that point, we decided to head home. I found the grave site so I’m calling it a victory.

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