Another investigator sees the light… or, more accurately, does not?

Haunts & Jaunts: It wasn’t what I expected

These are strange days indeed, or at least ones of normal complicity. My wife Laura and I have taken a sabbatical from the paranormal. We felt we needed to. If someone needs assistance on a matter concerning ghosts, or irritating pests in their home, then we are there for them. We continue to train on cleansing a haunted situation because we feel that’s in line with helping someone in need. Helping is one thing, however, playing is quite something else….

This might seem opposed to what I write about weekly, but it’s really not. I do have a few years under my belt…and some observations.

We have taken a break from tireless weekend nights with no sleep, gas in the fuel tank, miles on the road, and lining the pockets of paranormal venues with money so we can tread the same pathways of hundreds of others to have a “paranormal” experience. Or not. Been there…done that…so over it! Folks that perpetuate this tired road are not investigators, but rather thrill seekers. They add nothing to the final mix.

Ghost hunting wasn’t what I expected. I got my formalized training from the network shows-as do many-and boy did they work a number on me! Sadly, I didn’t experience a constant adrenaline rush barrage while ghosts swirled around me like a pot of paranormal stew boiling over on the stove. It doesn’t happen folks! It’s television and ratings. Sad but true. 45 minutes of network programming doesn’t include countless hours of utter boredom, bathroom breaks, smoke breaks, power snoozing, texting, and idle chit-chat. And hours of evidence review after that!   It’s a misrepresentation, yet people buy into it. Until this moment in time, I didn’t realize just how much I don’t miss it.

I do believe there are things that are not readily explained, yet we may never have concrete answers as to the nuts and bolts of it all. (At least in our lifetime). I do believe that houses can be haunted. I have two of them that are. The caretaker in the Kentucky home just reported an apparition of a man step out from a wall, make his way across the room and disappear into an adjoining room. She sat on the couch and watched it. In our compound on Southport Road there continues to be knocks on the bedroom door at night, chatter, and a recent audible older lady comment, “That is a pretty kitty” referring to our cat Jerry.

I’m a believer, only now conscious of how I invest my time.

I’d also like to add in this joke to the above-post before I put in my two-cents:

how to

Funny, right? Maybe because it’s true.

At any rate, both the author and joke state the same: you start looking for a constant adrenaline rush as seen on TV by paying to investigate places where others have gone before you (on TV), while trying to distinguish yourself from the amateur “thrill seekers.” In real life you realize you’re paying someone to give you a shot at hitting some form of the paranormal lottery (an “experience”) and there’s a ton of down time and boredom and even more at evidence review. Sometimes, the price you paid doesn’t get you a thing but a long, boring night at a facility that could likely use a deep scrub and the chance to relive every non-important second during evidence review.

I have been truly fortunate enough to have investigated places off the beaten path, not pillaged by TV personalities or ruined by fly-by-night thrill seekers, alleged to be haunted. I have been lucky enough to have had the occasional adrenaline rush and the giddiness of finding great stuff during evidence review. Sometimes, you do win a small pot in the (paranormal) lottery.

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