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I’m going to preface this with a simple warning: If you have a serious paranormal problem that requires professional help due to the level of haunting- DO NOT MAKE IT WORSE BY ATTEMPTING REMOVAL ON  YOUR OWN.  That said, if you’re perfectly fine with the ghosts you share your home with but would like the racket to calm down a touch, or just to calm your life down a tad, these can help.

(1) Burn sage. This doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out, dramatic process requiring a shaman and a book of prayer. I recommend using sage to clean your house the way you would clean your house with any other tool: top to bottom, front to back, everything out the front door. By the way, science has proven that burning sage also kills bacteria. (http://reset.me/story/smudging-burning-herbs-to-purify-air-of-harmful-bacteria-and-energies/)

(2) Study the Bible. Seems easy enough, right? Youd be surprised how often people just over look this simple step. I recommend studying it out loud.

(3) Hang crucifixes in every room. Catholics tend to do this anyway, but it’s a good reminder to everyone – dead or not – where your alliance in the after life lies.

(4) Religious items- rosaries, books of prayer, medallions. Have them out, have them in  your pocket, wear them around. Never hurts.

(5) Spend quality time outdoors. Closer to nature, closer to God. The ratio of spirits haunting outdoors versus indoors is pretty lopsided- outside is where you want to be. Hug a tree (no, seriously), walk around barefoot, take a nice hike. It helps clear your mind, and its good exercise.

(6) Watch “The Passion of the Christ.” This has worked for someone I know, and it’s a good movie. Can’t hurt, unless you are really hardcore against Mel Gibson, and I don’t think anyone would blame you for that.

(7) Go to church. Sometimes when bad spirits see you attempting to strengthen your relationship with God, they will take a swing (or several) to knock you off the path to getting right with God. Keep going. Get baptized. Join a Bible Study group.

I am lucky that I live close to a monastery that is open to the public. When in doubt, I bring multiple religious relics that I wear with me and have them blessed or dipped in holy water, and even bring some holy water home with me. I’ve gotten books on prayer and the Rosary and even bought a really nice rosary from their gift shop. Not everyone has this luxury but see if something similar is by you.

(8) Pray. Out loud and often. Pray before you eat. Pray thanks after you eat. Pray during sporting events (I know I’ve been known to do that). Give thanks when your team wins. Pray in the car (I used to do this all the time during one of my particularly long commutes).

(9) Sing. Sing all the religious songs you know. Sing them loud, sing them proud. Modern, classical, traditional- shoot, even Christmas carols will do in a pinch.

(10) Know your limits. These are not fool proof and they are not for heavily infested hauntings. Call a professional if you think singing and praying are for those haunted by Casper while but you’re doing constant spiritual warfare.

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