Need to know the lingo? A quickie guide

Haunts & Jaunts: Brush up on paranormal jargon


Brush up on your paranormal jargon

By Rick Hinton

Paranormal jargon will not only put you in the know, but also help you appear paranormal savoy when discussing this with your friends…if that discussion ever comes about.

Ghost/Spirit Many feel these are one and the same. I have always felt differently. I believe a ghost is a playback of someone that once existed (think of a film). It’s an imprint that has somehow been absorbed and then, for whatever reason, played back for your viewing pleasure. You can’t interact with it because frankly, it’s a movie. Think of the ghostly apparitions of soldiers on the Gettysburg battlefield. Spirits, however, are of a more intelligent nature and the ones reported in a majority of hauntings. They keep their once human aspect of personality and generally are the ones that enjoy messing with you. They become a member of the family whether you like it or not.

Residual Haunting/Intelligent Haunting This directly relates to the aforementioned ghosts and spirits. A residual haunting is a continuous film loop of past events containing images that once lived. These would involve a ghost. An intelligent haunting, on the other hand, involves spirits that interact, making their presence known. Time is of no matter to them, and whether it is your family or two families after you, they’re there for the long haul.

Paranormal/Parapsychology Paranormal is just above or outside the natural order of things as we presently understand them to be. This could also apply to shopping at Wal-Mart during the late evening hours of a Saturday night. Parapsychology is a branch of science (somewhat subjective to call a science!) that delves into a dissection of this psychic phenomena, arriving at absolutes. Well, they had to come up with some term to call it….

Medium/Trance Medium Many investigative groups use them. A Medium is a person professing the ability to communicate with spirits. They ‘feel’ things and are also known as sensitives. They can detect bad mojo about a location and generally put two and two together. A Trance Medium is on the next level, acting as a transmitter for the voices of disembodied spirits. They in effect become the person. I have met several medium wannabes, but actually know one that is the real deal!

Orbs Interesting circles of light in photographs most often caused by moisture and dust. Don’t waste your time. Now if I see these “orbs’ with my eyes, then I get interested!

Ouija Board Don’t mess with. It’s not a child’s game. You won’t like the outcome!

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