Ghost hunting is boring

Again, I’ve been saying this for years.

Whenever people respond to my announcement that I am a paranormal investigator by saying things like “Oh that must be so exciting!” or “FUN! I would love to join you!” I tell them that in all honesty, it is certainly not fun nor remotely exciting. My canned response is something to the affect of “I sit alone in a dark room for hours on end hoping something happens. I then have to sit alone and watch myself on video doing nothing for hours on end hoping something happens. Then I get to listen to myself for hours on end hoping I hear something.” Not the definition of exciting or fun. At least not the one I would use. I’m not gonna lie, when we catch something it’s flipping AMAZING and I can’t get enough of it. But when we don’t, I can’t help but think WHY?!?!?! Is there nothing there? Were we just on an off night? I missed putting my kid to bed for NOTHING?!?!?! Have I wasted my time?!?!?!

Rob Garcia of this article sums up how I do things perfectly: “We try to find rational explanations for anything that happens,” Garcia said. “Until it becomes unexplainable.”


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