The Mizpah

Some of you recognized that name immediately from the show Ghost Adventures. The author of this article seems at least as skeptical as I am.

And, as usual, the comments amuse me


  • I don’t buy the paranormal. Enough people have been murdered or died or committed suicide everywhere–yet “disturbances” tend to be in creepy, deserted places, sort of like the UFO spotting. Why doesn’t anyone see a ghost at Times Square in NYC or see a UFO on a Tuesday in the summer after a baseball game. When I was in college I was the driver for a bunch of kids who were going to an old brothel where prostitutes had allegedly been murdered. They scared themselves silly. I found it funny and a good way to get girls to hold me tight.

  • Stayed there in the Lady’s Suite in October 2013. In the middle of the night, one time someone or something felt like it kicked the side of the bed very hard….and later that night, the corner of the bed lifted up about 6 inches on its own.

  • I think it’s a magnificent place, though the two nights I spent there this year were ghost-less (though it was a tiny bit spooky walking up the stairs at night)

  • I’ve been in there a dozen times. The only thing mysterious about that place is how thick the dust has become. It’s a flee trap; not a haunted house.


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