PA historical museum w/Tango

Since I just investigated something similar I’m giving this a small plug, although there were no “celebrities” like Tango from “Ghost Hunters” and it didn’t cost me $60.

I also found the comments amusing:

 There’s more: “did you hear that?” WOW. “wait a second, I saw something.” Ewwww… And how can we not believe those handy-dandy ghost meters they carry around that measures…..???
  • $60? Are you kidding me? And your “celeb” is someone from one of the most debunked, fakest ghost shows on television? Unless you post some evidence other than “ooh, it’s spooky,” this is a hoax and money grab.

    • Just like televangelists, except being tax free, we all subsidize that hoax and money grab.

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