The Crime & Punishment Museum aka Turner County Jail

The new BFF of the Ghost Girls, Jeff Vaughn, invited us to investigate the Crime and Punishment Museum in Ashburn, GA. For me, it was a personal honor because for YEARS when I would drive to Fort Lauderdale, FL to visit my in-laws we would pass by the billboard advertising the Crime & Punishment Museum. Every year I would beg my husband to stop so we could eat at the “The Last Meal” cafe inside it. Every year he turned me down. Ironically, last Christmas was the last time we would be driving down to Ft. Lauderdale and we pulled off into Ashburn to get gas and lunch, and unbeknownst to me we were steps from the museum.

Anyway, we got down there and Jeff and his team (Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia) were fantastic hosts. They knew the building in and out, and gave us complete control over the entire place. We were more than happy to share our investigation with other members of his team and they were all polite and professional. We bought mugs. 🙂

We met Buppa down there, and it was good to see him again. Jeff gave us a tour of the entire place- from the basement to death row. The basement was not for me- the stairs were eroding, you had to step on wooden planks to get over to the sturdy part of the basement. It was dank, dark, and smelled like mold. There have been claims of loud bangs, a fan turning on by itself, and growls. Since I nearly fell going down the stairs the first time, and water and electrical equipment don’t mix, neither myself nor my equipment went down there.

On the first floor this a story that two people both saw a full-bodied apparition and were able to describe the apparition to different people without the original two people talking to each other (in other words, they both saw it, ran out to separate places and spilled what they saw and were able to describe the exact same thing without checking with the other). There is also the claim that for reasons not yet understood a folder containing releases was found in the empty water reservoir in a coffee pot in a bathroom. I took several photos of other inmates last meals and we set up base in the cafe. We saw the parlor and a room that had a KKK uniform and prisoner’s shanks. The uniform was…. unsettling to say the least. There were pictures of past wardens, and one of them was holding the noose in his picture. Ironically, not the one that allegedly owned the KKK uniform.

We toured the women’s portion of the prison, which contained a drawing of a Haitian voodoo “God” called Baron Samedi. We visited the mens side of the prison, and death row, which is actually a small cage within feet of the noose were criminals were hanged. Inside the cage is a toilet, a sink, and 2 beds. Its tiny and the effect is still palpable. There’s also a bloody collar framed on the wall from a hanging that didn’t go as well as one would hope. Jeff explained that there’s a certain degree on opening/closing the door where it will shut automatically, so watch where the door is before you consider anything you hear or see regarding it “paranormal.” We all started down the stairs, and the door closed again. On its own. I asked Buppa, the last member of our group taking up the rear, if he had re-opened the door. He said, no. He guessed it could have been a gust of wind, but after further discussion we realized that the windows were covered in plexiglass and bars. No gust of wind was getting in there to blow the door open to the exact right angle required to have it shut on its own and then letting it close.

There are claims of the sounds of large, heavy doors opening and closing on their own but we heard nothing of the kind with our own ears. There are also claims of being touched and scratched but again, that did not happen on our investigation. The K2 was pretty hit and miss in there as well.

The trapdoor for the noose allows bodies to fall right into the warden’s  office. Yep, you read that right. The warden could be writing papers at his desk and BANG- feet dangling down into his office. Realistically, the warden was likely not in his office but upstairs at the actual hanging but still- unnerving.

In the men’s area is a replica pine box used to transfer dead inmates out of the prison to the ground. It was used previously, and by us, to do interesting EVP/Sb7/flashlight sessions. I haven’t reviewed the evidence so I can’t say if we got any strange EVPs, and the SB7 was sort of hit/miss. I can tell you that my trusty LED flashlight did appear to be giving answers.

I was alone at base when I heard three, perfectly timed knocks from the wall to my left. I thought it could be the result of Buppa and Tracy walking around upstairs or maybe pipes in the walls (even though no water, heat, or ac was running). Buppa and Tracy stopped moving around above me and I heard the exact same three, perfectly timed knocks from the same wall. I mentioned it to Jeff and the group, they were unfamiliar with that type of event occurring. Later that night, however, a member came to me and said she heard the exact same thing from the exact same wall.

Towards the end of the night an SB7 session upstairs in the female part of the jail seemed to be very talkative. Supposedly, a rapist named “Mike” was talking to them, although it appeared to be a lot of jabbering about nothing. Mike did warn the group, however, that a demon was in the basement waiting to harm anyone who came down. The group decided to heed his warnings, valid or not.

We had 6 cameras running so there’s plenty of video for me to review, as well as my digital voice recorder that I left in death row. As always, I will share any evidence we find with you all!

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