Changing stances

As people grow and learn, they change their opinions and stances on things. At least, one would hope. As the saying goes, some people mature, other people just age. I would hope that as you mature, your mind opens. What’s that saying about as you know better you do better? At any rate, I was recently reading a blog post about how the author had done a complete 180 on a few things  that had either been previously found exciting or had stood  as just awful. I hope this means the author has opened his/her mind but in reality, I think it’s just succumbing to peer pressure.

It could also be simply a matter of word choice. Some of you know that I am a lawyer by day and paranormal investigator by night. I recently took a job as a litigator at a firm for some really public companies- trust me, you all know the companies for whom I work. In law school we are taught about a case that cost a cell phone company many millions of dollars over where a court decided a comma should go. If I use the wrong word, my clients could lose some money, too (but thankfully not millions). Anyway, so if you told me you were allergic to nuts and I said I would never serve you peanuts your next question (I hope) would be, okay- what about all the other nuts that may kill me?

Likewise, not every sun glare is an angel nor every orb a ghost or every shadow a being, etc. etc etc. But if you change it to a different word choice, like say “UFO” instead of “space ship”- have you changed your beliefs or just your words?

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