Celebrity Ghosts

Ghosts of celebrities are sometimes more interesting than the celebrities themselves (although not always. If I saw the spirit of Michael Jackson, for example, I’d run the other way for sure but that’s just me).

I, personally, think its wrong of people to go out of their way to attempt to contact the dead, be they celebrities or family members or total strangers. I am thinking of someone specific and some of you probably know who, but let’s just leave it as it is. If someone comes to you, that is their choice. When we get called into a case its most likely because something has already shown up, not because the client is desperately seeking to reach out to the other side (we don’t do that anyway, nor do we recommend it).

As a lawyer and general nerd I am very interested in true crime and how it plays out in the court room. While my brain is wired for the criminal, I still refuse to practice criminal defense. Personal choice, lets leave that alone as well. Lately, however, the Simpson case has made a raging comeback in the form of the mini-series “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” based on Toobin’s book “The Run of His Life.” I studied this case in law school, as I’m sure many others did, and did some independent reading on the Trial of the Century. I won’t go into details but I do recommend recommend “Outrage” by Bugliosi. There is/was a photographer selling ghostly images he claims are of OJ, Nicole, and Ron on ebay for $100-$500k. Yeah you read that right. Blurry images of murdered people for six figures. Sucker born every minute? Maybe, but it doesn’t look like any sold. The current owners who reside in what was Nicole’s condo (it has had massive renovations since the murders) says there has been no paranormal activity. A few psychics have said Nicole told them OJ did it but I mean, cmon really? That’s like if I had a dream that the sky was blue. News flash: Cover story- DUH. Anyway, I am glad to report that I did not find anyone who had tried to exploit her murder by attempting to contact her. It could be, however, in part due to the fact that the trial is old (like yours truly), both houses/crime scenes are gone, or that everyone is so convinced of his guilt, why bother?

NOTE: I am not here to debate his guilty or innocence, only that I was surprised to see a celebrity left to rest in peace.

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