Catsup, again

So we investigated Murder House- TWICE no less. We got better results, at least in my opinion, on the first investigation. Not entirely clear on why. Tracy proved herself a MASTER on the audio evidence. She collected things I never heard or noticed. We got the usual random light anomalies that cannot be easily explained as dust, dirt, or debris. We may have also gotten a shadow going down the stairs but its very hard to be certain.

We also explored a residence twice. We weren’t really able to dig up any information about anything that could cause a haunting, but as we often point out, newspapers can be notoriously unreliable- they have rules about who and what they will print, stories to run, advertisements, whether or not they will run a story about suicide, etc. Stories can get bumped if a bigger story becomes more important. Sometimes stories just fade away or never get told in the first place. We’re only as good as the history that is presented to us, so there’s a very real possibility there was just nothing to find or whatever happened wasn’t newsworthy.

The best example I can give, especially in the South, is that of slavery and plantation life. Because every day on a plantation can mean disease, violence, death, etc. it rarely made the news. If someone ran away, or something particularly heinous or interesting happened, it could make the news but more often than not, every day life was not printed because, well, it’s every day life. People drop dead all the time, and sometimes, like in the Civil War, they were buried where they dropped. No cemeteries, no shipping Johnny home, no funerals.

Back to our residential investigation. The homeowner called us because his new dog was growling at the wall, running and hiding at nothing, and generally being strange for reasons they couldn’t pinpoint. They’ve also seen their yoga/balance ball move on its own- twice – and felt chilling cold spots. They also had a roommate who swore up and down he saw the ghost of a little girl quite frequently in his room. They also had video cameras all over the house- for safety as well as to keep an eye on the dog while they were at work. They caught really strange orbs at random points on the video system. They’ve even posted some of the videos online but I won’t link anything without their permission. They also caught a shadow on more than one occasion in a spot in their house where a shadow would be nearly impossible to create by a typical human.

On our first investigation we got a few EVPs and odd sounds (in the former roommate’s room). Plenty of light anomalies. Answers on the SB-7 (My favorite was “Buddy is a dog,” which is true. Buddy is the name of the dog. Why it was noted out loud is beyond me.).

At any rate, I gave them what I called the “Sports Center” highlight reel of light anomalies and the EVPs (didn’t say what they were, but only noted that’s what they were) when we went back. We set up the cameras, audio, etc. Almost NOTHING happened. It was night and day, for comparison purposes. We shut down after maybe an hour of silence. The couple did mention that things really seemed to have calmed down since our last visit. We did suggest they could burn sage to help keep things calm, or quiet them down even more.

In about a week we’re going to investigate the Crime & Punishment Museum in south Georgia. Still dying to go back to some old “haunts” and have some leads on new ones. Things are looking good!

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