The Murder House

A friend of mine is renting a house that was featured on the show “Dead Files.” She affectionately refers to it as “The Murder House.” She lives there with her boyfriend and a roommate (and 2 cats). I believe they are all in the same theater troupe.

As preparation I watched the episode with her house so I could get an idea of who may be haunting the place and why. Before you go all nuts about how unreliable paranormal shows are, I am way ahead of you. It’s not like I took notes and wrote down names and dates, etc. Actually, Tracy did that, lol.

The house was the site of the murder of a racist sheriff by an escaped (black) and drunk inmate. The railroad tracks are a stone’s throw away, and allegedly there was a major railroad accident resulting in serious death. This is all I could find:

Railroad accident- Collision with the Depot

The freight train on the Western and atlantaic Railroad, which left here on friday at 3 p.M. ran off the track at stegall’s Station, five miles this side of Cartersville, destroying three or four cars. The train in its headlong speed, lifted the new depot from its foundation. In consequence of this accident, the passenger train due here at 1:30 yesterday mornign did not reach here until 6:45, just in time to make connection with the Georgia Railroad train. A defective car was the cause of the accident.
Weekly Sun, Feb. 7, 1872

Tracy also mentioned a female who I think caught fire…?

At any rate, there was drinking by all the parties and things got louder as the evening progressed. I got nothing on my audio. I did get a shadow on video and some light anomalies. On top of that, my friend and I both witnessed a camera move on its own. With all the excitement the first time I suggested we leave the equipment running and head out to dinner or something. Tracy got some stuff but being that she was an African American in a racist’s house, not terribly surprising.

We’re going back tonight.


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