Private Residence

Another place we will go back to investigate.

We received a call from a guy who said that his apartment is haunted but it never bothered either him or his girlfriend. Unfortunately, once they got a dog things changed. The normally quiet and docile pup has to be medicated if they are going to leave the house or he will destroy it. The only time he barks is when he sees something that others do not. He was set to attack with raised hair, ears pinned back, and a fierce growl but there was only the wall.

Previous to adopting their pup the couple would experience random cold spots. Once a yoga stability ball popped off a chair and rolled about four feet to the right on its own. There was another roommate who said he always saw the ghost of a little girl. They have seen shadows out of the corners of their eyes. They also have a security camera where they can watch their dog when they are at work, and even talk to him! They reviewed some of the footage and weird things began showing up – light anomalies and shadows. We received copies of the footage. It did appear legit as the time-stamp was 2 a.m. and it was filming the garage for security purposes. Once we got to the house we realized the shadow couldn’t have been the usual shadow because there was no where for a human to walk to cast a shadow on the wall where we saw it in the videos.

We arrived, got the tour and some of the stories. Apparently they were told people have died on the property but not in their particular spot. I have been unable to find anything supporting this claim but to be fair, it could have meant civil war era stuff or even before then. We set up shop and began filming. We were unable to get the yoga ball to move down the stairs, but spirits are not one-trick ponies and they had no idea who we were or why we were there.

There seemed to be a lot of light anomalies on camera. I most definitely got some EVPs, one is a very distinct Class A saying “MINE!” The SB-7 made some words that seemed to coincide with the questions we were asking, but as always, I don’t put 100% stock in the SB-7.

When we return to do another investigation we will be revealing the evidence at the same time.

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