Debby and Mark Constantino

Mark and Debby Constantino were known as the reigning royalty of EVP, mostly due to their appearances on Ghost Adventures. They did seem to catch a lot of class A EVPs [Class A is a type of Electronic Voice Phenomenon which does not require additional technical interference to be heard and understood]. Was it luck? Talent? Skill? Fraud? Not here to discuss that.

It appears that in August of 2015 Debby left Mark. There appeared to be a long history of domestic violence on both their parts. I read somewhere that Debby scratched Mark and then took a knife to his forearm. Unfortunately, I also read that a few weeks after she left him, Mark and their adult daughter kidnapped Debby and beat her. They both released on bond ($40k for him, $30k for the daughter I think I read). A few weeks after that, Mark went to Debby’s new place of residence, shot her male roommate, and abducted her again. Mark took Debby to the daughter’s place again, and killed Debby, then himself.

I have seen screen shots from Debby’s personal page where Mark and the adult daughter were harassing her. Of course, at the same time, Mark says he loves her and they’ll talk soon. Debby reminds him the restraining order forbids him from being on her page. Ominous? Perhaps.

Before their bodies are even examined in the morgue, a paranormal poser whom I’ve always hated for being an absolute douche decides it’s the perfect opportunity to try an EVP session to try and speak with the dead couple. Poser got a lot of flack from various members of the paranormal community.

As a lawyer and a paranormal investigator I’m  trying to stay neutral and simply say may everyone involved find peace.

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