Hawkinsville Again

After our awesome catch of the black mist/blob/mass (I try not to say Black Mass because it conjures up ideas about Satanic rituals) which I will link RIGHT HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjDk5E5ZcEQ) we decided we needed –  yes NEEDED-  to go back. Saturday the 19th we got our chance.

It was a smallish group- me, Buppa, Tracy, Lee and 2 guest investigators Chris and Christie. We got started late (not everyone arrived until about 8 because I had said that’s what time we should meet, Janet said it was supposed to be 7) and we had a huge new LED monitor- that I forgot the power cord for. We had to send Buppa to the Walmart outside of town (not a 24 hour super Walmart, either. One of those open til midnight regular store ones) to get one. He also bought another monitor just in case the cord wasn’t “one size fits all.” Bless him and his dedication. Seriously. I kept calling him the hero of the day.

My awesome husband also managed to rig the Kinect so we could investigate using it to detect things (read: people) not seen with the naked eye. I haven’t reviewed the evidence yet so I can’t say if it caught anything yet. We set it down in the basement where the show “Ghost Stalkers” caught a full bodied apparition. It’s my understanding the spirit down there has no issue showing up on camera, showing himself to people, or letting you know he runs the show down there. I’ll do an evidence update and inform if he was kind enough to show up for us.

While setting up the cameras I suggested Lee and Tracy go ahead and make the rounds in the children’s room, or visit with Elijah, or any other of number of haunts until we were done. They did an EVP session in the kids room. If they got anything I will let you know. While setting up, the minute Buppa set one of the cameras down the hallway with the nursery, I saw a white blob float along the ceiling.
We set up our cameras (finally) and Tracy, like many of my other paranormal investigative friends, wanted to use the SB7. I like the SB7, but it is just another of many tools in my arsenal. I decided that Lee and Tracy should spend quality alone time in the “Colored Waiting Room” of the hospital because they are African American, and therefore they may elicit better and perhaps even more quality responses than if I went in, being not African American and all. After a few minutes, Buppa and I went in and Tracy and Lee left. Again, I will update with evidence, if there is any.

We all met up to go to the operating room. On the way up the stairs Buppa’s K-2 does the light electric. He thinks perhaps something passed us on the stairs at that point, because it never went off again no matter how many times we went up and down the stairs. We got to the top of the stairs and the SB7 has a man’s voice come through and say, “Okay guys let’s operate.” Tracy’s face was utter shock. I was like “NO WAY!” and probably looked shocked myself. Even Buppa, probably the second most skeptical person on the team, was taken aback. Looking forward to posting that piece of communication!

We ended up back at base, watching the cameras. I saw what looked like an iridescent shrimp float by the camera. I was like whoa! I hit rewind, showed Buppa and Tracy. We all agreed it could have been a weirdly shaped piece of dirt. Not likely, but possible. About 10 minutes later, however, another iridescent shape dances across the screen in the exact same spot. It looks kind of like a snake. It changes shape, but holds the light and moves in a way that dirt certainly cannot. Buppa gave us a “weird.” I danced and yelled unabashedly about how F*ing awesome I am- as if I had absolutely anything to do with this strange form floating around in front of my camera LOL! At best I can take credit for placing the camera there, and asking it to come back again. The most interesting part, perhaps, is that the shrimp and snake things went into same room we caught the black blob in. The EXACT. SAME. ONE. We must have rewound and re-watched over a dozen times. It was amazing.

So that’s the quickie overview of our second Hawkinsville investigation. We should have a lot of good evidence to post, just because of the amazing amount of evidence we were able to see and hear on our own!

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