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As I mentioned before I was chatting with a friend who happens to be a TV producer. He had pitched a brilliant paranormal show but was turned down. Here is why, according to him:

Yes – unfortunately it was a no-go. They [network] are under a lot of fire recently and are trying to recover some viewership. They dig the idea but it is not the right timing for the pairing. Now if you all had beards, overalls, and required subtitles – then they would scoop y’all up in a heartbeat. But unfortunately they passed. … I wanted to attempt [different network] as well but they are under review for a few – low brow – shows.

Interesting, no? One gets beat for being low brow, the other looks for low brow – or at least that’s how I interpreted overalls and subtitles. Another producer I spoke with was working to pitch a paranormal show to a different network but confided that because the network is made up of old, straight, white guys that the people with the most personality would never make it through (which makes for boring television.)

This explains why paranormal TV has gone stale and no one wants to watch.

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