Investigation in Marietta

I know I signed some papers when I investigated this particular location, and since I was only a guest investigator, I will keep this location anonymous as well. I will say, however, that I was already familiar with the location and had heard from someone who worked there that it was, indeed, haunted. Examples supporting this claim included drained batteries and clocks always telling the wrong time, combined with that feeling. You know the one. Something’s just amiss.

I really couldn’t have been more excited. I absolutely LOVE investigating with The Rulands (Richard and his wife Billie- Jo). They are professional to a T. They operate investigations in the same manner as I do – methodical and logical. They also have great sense of humor so it’s a great time. Plus, I already had heard about this location (which was also across from a confederate cemetery) and therefore had reason to believe we would catch activity.

I got my cameras in good position and went up to the third floor with Billie-Jo. During our live EVP sessions, we could hear women talking. We said that perhaps it was the girls on the front porch but they left to the cemetery across the street. Billie-Jo saw shadows across the hall and out of the corner of her eye. I thought I saw them on the other side of her but in dark room its hard to tell. We eventually went into the room across the hall. I took pictures (didn’t see anything when I uploaded them) and we noted the time of things we thought we may have heard something. I haven’t finished reviewing the audio or video yet.

As we were getting ready to go, my motion sensor in the hall went off. I saw two flashes of light. Billie-Jo told me she saw a full-bodied apparition. We called Richard and the rest of the team (cameraman Brian and wife/co-host Chasta) to join us on the third floor. They did, and the motion sensor went off continually, although Brian said we were in the line of fire to set it off and that could have been true some of the time, but not all the times it went off were we near it.

We saw more shadows across the hall which seemed to be blacking out lights in that room. We heard many, many thumps. I pulled out my SB-7 spirit box and plugged into my bright pink speaker. We appeared to get some answers, but the most impressive part was that we were able to get a voice to say the name of everyone in the room. My name was said as “Jen” which the group found interesting because they all refer to me as Jennifer. Most impressive was that Chasta’s name was called. Not a common name at all! The odds of some random person saying that random name at just the right time so that my radio swep can pick it up is, as a former client used to say, infinitesimal.

Perhaps more will be revealed as evidence is reviewed.

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