Investigation Part 1?

One afternoon I received a call from a guy we will call John Doe, Jr. Evidently his family’s home was evil. They weren’t able to stay even a year. I think it worked out to about 9 months. A rather popular local psychic told them she wouldn’t set foot into the house and they need a priest. ASAP. They did not call one and I am uncertain as to why. They did say the previous tenant tried to kill himself at least 10 times. The landlord is a jerk so they limited conversation with him as much as possible and did not bring up the strange happenings like pictures and crosses falling straight down to the floor but not breaking or falling over. They moved out and again began experiencing shadows, cold spots, fogged up mirrors, scratches and bangs. They called groups that charged money, refused to return calls, didn’t provide evidence, and the usual crap group tactics.

We showed up at the double wide trailer and there were at least 6 people there. To make matters more interesting, on the way out to the middle of nowhere where the trailer was located, it dawned on me that the two colleagues in the car with me are African American. I need to remember to mention that to potential clients before heading out, especially in light of the confederate flag fights that have been going on. Although this family did, in fact, have confederate flags and dead deer all over the house they were PLEASANT and NICE people nonetheless. Fantastic hosts. They all had a ton of stories to share and wouldn’t stop telling them.

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