Calling it quits

Every investigator has a breaking point. A day where they think the time away from their family, the money they take from their own wallet and pour into the study of paranormal, the headaches and boredom from reviewing endless evidence, the clients, the investigative fees, the unfounded stories, the lack of evidence… none of it is worth it anymore. In fact, we caught an outstanding piece of evidence, and no one seems to care.

Almost all the investigators I know I started in this business to help people. To help people find out what is going on in there house. To help people who think they are crazy understand that they are not. To help people of science prove life after death. To help provide insight to the greater paranormal good.  There is little to no glory in this field. We go to dirty abandoned places with mold and bugs and creatures like snakes and rats and possums and stomp through them with no electricity. No heat in the winter, no air conditioning in the summer. We expose ourselves to mold and asbestos. bug bites and creature scratches. There are thousands of groups, literally, thousands, but only 2 TV shows. The good teams never ask for a dime in return and never see the inside of your cable box. If we’re lucky, you watch us on your computer, where usually we don’t see a penny. I’ve been told by those who have been on television that the pay is incredibly sub-par except for those on television currently, because in part they have been on for an insanely long time by TV standards. One former ghost host told me how he LOST money by quitting his lucrative day job and doing a show for 2 seasons. Another told me about how he was on a successful TV show for 3 seasons, but no networks are biting now.

Then the reason for paraunity rears its ugly and it all doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Groups hating on other groups. Rumors spread and retold like the truth. Questionable investigations and tactics. Those are the days when someone thinks, it’s just not worth it. Being the drop of water in the ocean of the paranormal just isn’t what it used to be.

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