Demonic activity

Yesterday I got contacted twice by two different people about possible demonic activity as it relates to them personally. I almost never get demonic activity calls and two in one day is some sort of record. I am not a fan of demonic activity cases. While I am good with God and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, I don’t want to risk injury to myself, my friends, or my family. Aside from that, spiritual warfare can last years. These cases do not have the simple “Go into the light, Grandma” solutions. Priests frequently must get involved, and the person being haunted(?) by the demon must become steadfast in their religion. Going to church every Sunday is not enough. Frequently there must be daily, if not hourly, prayer. It is truly a battle which requires someone to hunker down in the foxhole of religion and wage war against an enemy it cannot see, and oftentimes cannot talk with, reason with, or otherwise engage with. The victim must sustain the attacks from an unknown source, so to speak, and fight back blindly.

In one case, a person I had investigated with previously has begun having nightmares. This is not,  in and of itself, demonic activity. Many things can bring on nightmares, including stress, lack of sleep, a case of the Mondays. I kid. Her investigative hobby, if you want to call it that, occurs nearly every weekend. While I investigated with her I got no sense of demonic activity, however, perhaps between now and then something has happened. Perhaps someone has (hopefully unwillingly) brought something in with them and it decided to stay. Obviously, I need a more in-depth conversation with her to determine what, if anything, is going on.

The other case got me thinking. The caller was the son of the actual victim. Evidently, if the victim begins speaking about the trials she has undergone she will begin to cry. Furthermore, they’ve been the victims of more poor quality investigators. A few have run off into the night, never sharing evidence if any was captured. None have returned. None will return phone calls. Many have tried to charge! Disgusting.

Evidently things have been happening in three’s- doors and windows knocking in threes, cabinet doors opening and closing in threes. This has convinced the victim’s son that its demonic. The air is also so dense and thick its like walking into a fog. Items fly across the room. One bedroom is freezing cold. The dog reacts to things that are not seen by the humans. Orbs – not dust but balls of light – are recorded. The image of a man was captured in a picture. Batteries drain. Lights flicker on and off. The family has moved repeatedly and this has gone on for quite some time (the grown son remembers things happening in his childhood home). Demonic? Maybe.

Here’s the food for thought part: the victim thinks it may be her own father causing the haunting issues. Allegedly her father was the very definition of not a nice man. The word murderer was used. Could an evil person in life become a demon in the afterlife?

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