LaChance’s take on psychics

In “The Uninvited” Steven LaChance explains why he is not a fan of psychics, and it’s basically the same reason I am not: they’re almost always wrong. When he attempts to hire a paranormal team which turns out to be an exercise in futility and the teams tend to bring in their useless psychics, and the ensuing circus goes a little something this:

First [we] were told about Mary and John who had lived in the house. Next we were told about Frank. Another psychic told us about Shirley. Another story involved a slave named Mack. The next group to come in told us the house was haunted by five different ghosts and gave us a different set of names. Seven was the number the next investigative group came up with – seven new ghosts with seven new names.

So yeah. There ya go. The essence of my disapproval of psychics summed up in one paragraph. If I find a legit one I will happily let you know.

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