A Most Haunted House by G L Davies

This book is allegedly based on a true story and I have reason to believe it is true. The writing is average, supposedly mostly a transcript between the two main people who lived in the house. The book is in desperate need of a good editor. It’s very brief, while the pages are not numbered I’m guessing about 100. The brevity of the writing also lends to its credence, no embellishment. All that said, I’m guessing self-published. There are no pictures, in part because the homeowner was never able to catch anything on film. The book says there is one EVP but it is not available online that I could find. The EVP and the pictures (also known as evidence, lol) are also lacking because the people involved did not want to share their experiences at all and only agreed to complete anonymity.

The anonymity is part of the reason I believe the story to be true. Frequently, people who have endured truly frightening experiences want to leave that part of themselves, their personal history, in the past. They don’t want to open themselves up to ridicule or become a psychology experiment. They don’t want to rehash their fears in an attempt to appease someone else’s doubt. They don’t want to become an embarrassment or story. This was their life, not fodder for imagination.

While this is not always the case, some want to help and write books and do more investigations, for those who do not wish to go further down the paranormal path, burying the past and their haunted identities is the way to go. This lends credence to the authenticity of the story in my opinion.

Furthering the authenticity is the diction of the speech of both parties. Neither party appears to be speaking out of context. They both use average slang and colloquialisms appropriate to their age and location.

The story in its entirety rings true. The events that happen are known to happen in other hauntings, but are still individualized occurrences that happened specifically in this house to these specific people. There are people, their friends even, who doubt their story. They also have quite a number of supporters and those who have had first hand experiences at the house in question.

Finally, it does not have a happy ending. The people before them were miserable, and SPOILER ALERT the haunting of the house ruins the couple’s relationship. It nearly drives one of them to all out alcoholism. Why would anyone want to admit to a ruined relationship and addiction, even through secrecy? There are some things that are nearly guaranteed to ruin a relationship, and a haunting can certainly be on that list.

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