Evidence Part 3: Mystery Stair Lights

I was reluctant to publish this evidence because it seems like it should have an easy and rational explanation. It looks like the lights from a flashlight or passing car, perhaps a motion detector going off.

Here’s the catch: there aren’t any devices up there. No flashlights. No motion sensors. In fact, I had specifically said to my father in law (Buppa) and  my para partner (Tracy) I thought it would be a bad idea to put anything on the stairs because they would be used frequently by ourselves and the other people in the building and I was greatly concerned about the dramatic increase in the chance of our stuff getting destroyed by people blindly stumbling around in the dark (and the increased chance of someone getting hurt by stumbling on our stuff). Further, it’s a stairwell between the second and third floors, no windows for passing headlights from cars. I have plenty of footage of people with their camera flashes and flashlights going up and down that stairwell but this is the only time these particular lights appear.

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