Hawkinsville and Radio

I’m catching up… sort of.

Last night I was the guest on the radio show “Beyond Smoke and Mirrors” on Blogtalk radio. I was with my teammate Tracy, long distance teammate and co-host Eric, and co-host (and new friend) Deb. Tracy has a 9-5 so she had to bow out early (1o pm) but I was on from 9-11 p.m. Way past my bedtime! It was great show in my opinion but take a listen for yourself:


A few weeks ago Tracy and I investigated the Old Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville. Big thanks to Janet Pennington. She runs a great place and does a damn fine job. Also congrats to Janet on her new grandson Luka! He’s a cutie, you’ll just have to take my word for it. 😉

Buppa was with us, of course, and is also owed a great deal of thanks as he helped us with our technical difficulties. We had two cameras break (one while we were at Old South Pittsburg), one cord break, and I’ve about had it with our DVR. I digress. Buppa hooked us up with 2 more better cameras and made a more stable base for them. He also was a great investigator, as usual, with his vest full of K2, voice recorder, camera, etc.

We had a flashlight session which Tracy considered a success. I’m not entirely sold. It did turn on and off as we asked it to, however, it didn’t provide any answers such as male/female, cause of death, age, year of death, name…. anything. Just turned it off and on per our request. Some paranormal investigators think this is due to the flashlight heating up and cooling off in the normal course of a session.

It as a mostly quiet night (despite the bat and the baby possum). A spirit of a little boy named Elijah held my hand. One of the hands-down weirdest experiences of my life. We were on the initial tour and I was preparing to walk outside when my left hand went white hot – not cold. It tingled. I didn’t want to move, sort of. I wasn’t being pulled, just firmly held. The theory is that 4 year old Elijah is looking for his mom, and I am the mother of a 4 year old so likely a close match in his mind. When I got my hand back it had white spots under the skin. The other hand was fine. We tried to take pictures of the discoloration but our cameras couldn’t capture it properly. According to Google this is a sign of poor circulation… but I was walking around a hospital, why would one hand suddenly experience poor circulation? *shrugs*

There were a few times we saw people out of the corner of our eyes, especially in the windows that were not boarded up while we were outside. We haven’t reviewed all the evidence, or even put our final stamp of approval on most of it but we do tend to have a lot of EVPs and a few questionable pictures.

Once we have a final review, we’ll discuss further.

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