Don’t tell me NO

Things seemed to have calmed down a bit. Although to the astute reader I’m writing this at 6 a.m. after being awake for about 3 hours, give or take. First, non-paranormal stuff.

My daughter had oral surgery that went really well. It looks like I’m up for 2 jobs with the government, with whom I’d love to work. As for the paranormal….

Went to OSPH as previously mentioned. Still reviewing evidence but intriguing stuff so far. Looking forward to Hawkinsville.

My partner and I had been in talks with a few producers. She already had a paranormal show and that producer sent her this email:

The problem with networks is that they have done pilots with women ghost hunters from sexy teams to the serious ones and the shows have not worked. This market has become really over crowded and the material has become stale because of over use of footage from one show to the other. I really believed [your show] had a different hook, but no one wanted it.”

Where to start? Why aren’t female paranormal investigators enough? That’s perhaps a blog for another day. I mean the sexy ones, yes, I get it. That’s a hook that only lasts for so long. And yes I agree that the market is over saturated, all teams go to the same places, use essentially the same gear, and the show follows the same format- meet with client at site during day, investigate at night, present evidence. Of course after reading that email I set straight to proving him wrong. The problem, of course, is how could you change that format up? I’ve even asked a few people and no one has any real ideas.

I had a few ideas. We contacted a few more producers. We’re waiting to hear back but not holding our breath. On that note… Eric Perry and his show “Haunted in New England” invited me to be a partner with him and I graciously accepted. He really seems to know his stuff and so far has proven to have good judgment as he saved me from more than one mistake. He and I have had somewhat lengthy phone calls and so far, no issues. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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