Old South Pittsburg Hospital

Thursday night Buppa and I went to OSPH for an investigation. The following is a long and very detailed story about what transpired.

We went in the building and found a lady named “Ninja.” She is the best. She’s a tiny spitfire. Love her. She told us to grab a wagon or pallet and load up our stuff. We loaded up our gear and found Ninja with Grant at the nurse’s station on the second floor (which is actually the floor we came in on). We explained we needed a place to plug in our cameras and we were told we’d have to lug them up to the third floor and use the outlets at the nurse’s station up there. We were also told to go ahead and set up. We did. We also met up with some other people who were on their first investigation and seemed scared. Grant took us on a short and quick tour of the “hot spots” although there seems to be a lot of disagreement about where and what the hot spots are. For example, the room at the end of the hall on the third floor is sometimes referred to as Nellie’s room. One story has Nellie as a female who went nuts and died curled up in the corner. Other people have said her name is different and that she didn’t die as such or in that location. No one ever told me what actually happened in one of the recovery rooms but rumor has it 2 different women on 2 separate occasions were choked. The nursery has been moved around so its current location is where they made it, not where it actually was. The front door entrance was an antique shop. The basement allegedly contains a maintenance man who may or may not have been a child molester who may or may not have hanged himself in the basement. He could have also died of a massive heart attack upstairs. Then we have the mysterious link the GM of the place, whether he was her uncle or ex. We learned about naughty nurse Rhonda who likes to flirt with the men of the group. We saw the kitchen, the pharmacy, and several operating and recovery rooms. We set up motion sensors in the hallway where the old folks are said to wander.

I will say when I walked into the kitchen there was a black ball of mist that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was the only one who saw it. In the basement I was “shhh”-ed twice. When we were talking to Ninja before lights out, a noise like that of someone flat-lining. We all stared. Ninja flipped the breakers on and off again to make it stop. It stopped… and then started again. She flipped the breakers and it stopped. We heard bangs and bumps all night long. We frequently heard what sounded like heavy wooden furniture being moved all around – but it was pointed out that there is no heavy furniture left in the building to move around and no one had any interest in wandering around, let alone rearranging furniture. We heard a growl during an EVP session in the ER waiting room.

The funniest part of the evening occurred by pure coincidence. I put on night-vision goggles and yelled down the hall, “Nellie, I can see you! Come out!” The door rattled heavily!! Everyone jumped! Then we realized someone had come to the wrong door at the precise moment I had asked Nellie to come out!

That said, there was not a lot of general activity going on (no shadow figures, no footsteps or other instant reactions). I will say that my theory is that the activity died down from earlier in the week because this was a free-for-all hunt instead of for a team. My theory is that because we were disjointed and unknown to each other, the spirits had little interest in what we had to say to them.

There were rumors of good evidence but it seemed most people either didn’t want to share or didn’t believe it to be true.

We were glued mostly to our cameras so did not do as much exploring as we could have. Also, there was too much mold for me in the chapel and in some of the rooms of the first floor. We have about 6 hours of evidence to review and it’s my understanding that the most common evidence is class A EVPs. I will post any evidence I get and I look forward to going back.

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