I don’t believe things happen for a reason, mostly because mathematics has proven that in a large world like ours with an unreal number of occurrences happening every single second the Law of Probability states that the things that people consider coincidences are actually just math playing out as it should.

I also find it hard to believe simply because a majority of the time we don’t know what the reason is. This is the part where many religious folk say that God knows, and that’s enough. We may find out in the afterlife but ours is not to wonder why.

Then there are other times. Times when it seems there is a tear of the blindfold that God hands us while He is setting things up to happen for a reason. We get a glimpse of the why things happened. I remembered it happened once when I was planning a trip to China with my church. I can’t remember all the details but I remember exactly where I was when I realized how all the pieces fit together. It was very cliche – the skies opening up, a ray of sunshine shining just on me, choirs of angels. It was wonderful. It was re-affirming, of life, of faith, of God.

Tonight may have been one of those nights. I haven’t seen the light or heard the angels, but somehow closing a door really did open a window in the absolute strangest way. A way I could never have foreseen and definitely could not have planned for. The odds are almost like that of a lottery. Big news on the horizon? I guess we’ll see.

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