Near death is real, science says

NDE = Near Death Experience

OBE = Out of Body Experience

Read this because its awesome

I’ve gone back and forth on NDE’s. At first, I said, “Well, duh, of course it’s real!” Then science came back and said, “Nuh uh. It’s the drugs and lights and other weird brain functions.” So I was all, okay, science, you’re a reliable source. No worries. I trust your judgment. Then I heard more and more personal testimonies repeating similar things like testimonies on television and in books.

One of my favorite books of all time is “Heaven Is For Real.” That book did more for my faith than The Bible. More than our friend Ralph Sarchie (“Deliver Us From Evil” is a book about how he started as a NYC cop but saw things that he could only describe as possessions and demonstrations of evil straight from the Devil and thusly became an assistant of an exorcist) although he did help. At any rate, “Heaven is for Real” is about a boy who dies and comes back and knows things he shouldn’t or couldn’t have learned at some point during his very short life. I found it incredibly compelling, probably more than I should. At any rate, this really landed me on the side of NDE’s are for real.

I started reading another book by a neurologist who had a NDE. Dr. Eben Alexander wrote “Proof of Heaven.” It can be heavy to read through because (1) the whole scenario of Heaven cannot easily be explained and (2) he’s an over-educated doctor who tends to forget he’s writing to the masses. But here we have science explaining NDE in clinical, not spiritual, terms. I’m not sure how popular the book is, but I, for one, think its brilliant. Science proving religion. The best of all possible worlds.

Now this article surfaces and its awesome. It reiterates some of the standard NDE speak- tunnel, relatives, warm light, blah blah blah. However, it has science to back it up. As I like to say, SCIENCE FTW!

The subject of the article is a woman named Pam who basically agrees to let doctors kill her in a medical sense to stop an artery aneurysm. You can read the specifics but it’s cool from a medical stand point. Not sure how Pam felt about it. Anyway, you should read the article about how it was impossible for Pam to see, hear, or even function and yet she knew things and heard music and felt warmth although her body was in the 60-degree range with eyes taped shut and ear plugs in.

My favorite story is of the woman who had a NDE and said there was a green shoe on the ledge of a window several floors up. She told the doctor it was green, it had a hole in one part, etc. The doctor went to the window ledge and there it was. Since hospital windows don’t open, the doctor didn’t know how the patient could have seen and examined the shoe without having to get on a crane and go all the way up there.

I don’t want to have one, and I don’t know anyone who has personally had one (my mom “died” twice but saw no light or tunnel or relatives) and I’m not sure I want to, but I know that if I did, I would believe them. For real.

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