More things which annoy me

I run into people wanting to charge me/us to investigate a lot. I also run into groups/places not wanting us to film there. I’ve already vented about people paying us to look into their alleged place of haunt. Now I’m going to rant about the people who won’t let us film.

Why the fuck not?

I’m paying you and I should have some freedom to do what I need to do to catch an alleged haunt. I’m not going to shit on the heirloom chaise or smoke a joint in the master bath, so why the fuck can’t I film there?

My first question is- if you’re charging me to be in there there is an unspoken assumption your place is legitimately haunted. Don’t you want more evidence on film so more people will come and pay your outlandish fee to sit there in the dark and quiet all night? This makes me feel like you are (1) overcharging me for (2) a place that isn’t haunted.

Second, if I did shit on the heirloom chaise you’d have incontrovertible proof. Right there, on film, black and white, red-handed, dead to rights, guilty as charged.

Third, if something breaks and its not my fault, we can roll footage and prove it. Then you’d not only have proof of my evidence but some bad ass proof your place is haunted.  Many more places are using footage as security so who cares if  I’m on film at your place or mine or both?

Fourth, I can make your place anonymous.  If you’re really that hell bent on being an asshole then I can film at a place we call “An anonymous location.” No one has to know your dirty secret- that you’re not haunted.

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