Need a trigger item? TN Wraith Chasers can help!

SPRING CITY >> Halloween may be long over but the ghost hunt has just begun.

Almost two weeks ago Olde Knitting Mill Antiques in Spring City received a call that a group of ghost hunters needed their help.

The ghost hunting group, The Tennessee Wraith Chasers, are well known for their investigations into many locations around the United States that are thought to be brimming with paranormal activity. The group of five have been featured on Destination America in their new series “Ghost Asylum” which premiered in September 2014.

“We’ve really connected with a couple of different spirits at the asylum,” said Chris Smith, the founder of The Tennessee Wraith Chasers and one of the five team members investigating paranormal activity in the area. “One of them seems kind of dark, the other one may be young… So we’re going to go in here and see if we can find some toy-like items or something and we’re going to see if we can elicit a response.”

They began travelling in February to film their second season which shows their journey through six asylums in an attempt to contain the energy of trapped souls believed to be inside. The group got in touch with the owner of Olde Knitting Mill Antiques, Denise Rubach, so that they could take a look around her store to find any objects they might be able to use to catch the ghostly guests.

“We’ve had a few people come in who are psychics and they pointed out a few items that had a lot of energy,” said Rubach. “One is a particular wooden box from the late 1800’s and then there’s a cradle from the late 1800’s.”

Part of the reason the group headed to the antique shop on Bridge Road is to find objects that will help them trap the spirits they find in their next asylum.

“One of the techniques that ghost hunters use to provoke or incite activity is they buy some items that might have been used around the time that the place was active,” explained Erin Ryder, executive producer at Tremendous Entertainment. “So the place was built in 1908 and we come to antique stores looking for things that the kids or patients might have actually known or recognized that might bring about some activity tonight when we’re investigating.”

As camera men and crew members wandered through the store, they eventually settled on two toys they believed would aid them in their pursuit.

“One of the great things about the show is that we like to get a feel for the town and what it’s like to live in a town where you have this historical place,” explained Fay Yu, the executive producer for Destination America. “We often look at antique stores because people who passed on and became spirits lived a long time ago so we try to look for period items that would trigger something.”

Season two of “Ghost Asylum” is set to premier April 5 and is expected to feature Olde Knitting Mill Antiques as members of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers emerge with the items they bought to entice the local ghosts.

“I’m feeling pretty good now…it was the anticipation and waiting to see what’s going to happen and seeing what they’re looking at,” explained Rubach. “I feel pretty good. I’m excited about it.”

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