Age is just a number


A young South Dakota filmmaker debuts his new documentary Monday. The Lincoln High School student wants to send a chill down the spines of his audience.

18-year-old Lincoln High School senior Colin Browen has plenty of school spirit.

“Yes, I do believe in ghosts, I’ve had a lot of experiences so it’s hard not to,” Browen said.

Inspired by those ghost-hunting reality shows, Browen has produced a documentary of his own titled “The Paranormal Files”  that he says proves the existence of ghosts that, legend has it, haunt the halls of Lincoln.

“We were all alone and I just said, ‘Is anybody over there?’ And then probably 10 feet away, a little farther back from me to you is a voice that’s just like — just super loud,” Browen said.

Browen first went on the trail for these academic apparitions when students with the school newspaper invited him to tag along for a story last Halloween.  Some frightening early encounters prompted Browen to return, this time with his video camera rolling.  But don’t just take Browen’s word that the Lincoln ghosts are real.

“We did a bunch of interviews with janitors and teachers and stuff, so it’s not just me making these claims. It’s actually like teachers and people saying they’ve had these experiences for a long time,” Browen said.

Browen’s passion for the paranormal is trumped only by his fascination with filmmaking that began when he was just 5 years old.

Browen says his target audience is both believers and skeptics, alike.  He says he’s a little nervous about how his new movie will be received. The premiere of Browen’s ghost story has given him a slight case of stage fright.

“I am going to be in a haunted school showing a movie about ghosts, so what can you say,” Browen said.

Browen plans to study filmmaking once he graduates from Lincoln High School in the spring.  He’s already been accepted at the University of Texas.  Now he’s waiting on word from the University of Southern California, considered to be the top film school in the country.

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