Ignore a sign, go to JAIL

Any reputable, legitimate professional paranormal investigator will tell you not to trespass. In fact, API usually says don’t ignore any signs that warn investigators of potential problems including no photography or Ouija boards or seances. Usually there is a good reason why these signs exist and most of the time, going to jail or paying fines isn’t worth breaking them. Just look at this example:


“All trespassers that are caught are given a 30-day suspended jail sentence if it’s the first offense, with a $250 fine plus they have to pay court costs.”

It doesn’t say what kind of example the court is making now but the glaring point is obvious: they now have an arrest record and are out a few hundred dollars with no evidence. In fact, I’ve never even heard of this place until now and when I tried to find actual evidence of it being haunted online, I found nothing. So according to this article hundreds of arrests have been made and not for a single piece of astounding evidence.

Even though we have TWO lawyers on staff, we still don’t break the law. We don’t have to and neither do you in order to get good evidence. Besides, permission is often simply a phone call or two away.

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