Why Ouija?

Ouija boards get a seriously bad rap and I think it’s only partially their own fault.

First and foremost, it is a game board. Let’s not forget that. It’s made of cardboard and a company makes money off of it. It’s always in the board game section of stores.

So why the bad rep? A few reasons. First, amateurs use it. Kids mostly who have no business trying to summon anyone or anything. Demons are constantly waiting for a weak spot in the spiritual veil to rip through and teens provide it. Professionals don’t need it nor want it.

Second. It’s the symbolism and meaning. It was built solely for the purpose of summoning the dead. There is no other toy like it on the market. Things that should not be toyed with (pardon the pun) are normally kept behind locked doors.

Even though a majority of studies have shown that most people believe in the afterlife we still don’t consider the toy anything more than a toy. But should we?

o board

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