The wind is so bad today in Georgia the lights in my house are flickering. Normally, I am not too concerned about it but there are a few things you should know that make me pause for concern.

  1. The weather has been nuts here. Snow, sleet, ice, rain… none of these things make for a stable ground that roots can really take hold in.
  2. We just had our lines and transformer replaced a few weeks ago after the last storm brought them all down.

In short, flickering lights due to weather are a very bad thing at this juncture. It also reminds me of how weather can affect and effect the paranormal.

I tried to investigate before the wind got so blustery but was still pretty persistent. Talk about your contaminated audio evidence.

In the South we get humidity that tops out at 100% and continues to rise. It’s so bad that sometimes it looks like a cross between snow and rain floating in mid air with no clouds in sight. It’s really uncomfortable. It also means that light can reflect and cause orbs and other fun things to appear on camera that are NOT paranormal by any stretch of the imagination. The same is true with you guys with the dry heat and dust and dirt. And it applies to snow or freezing temps as well. I can’t tell you the number of photos of mist that are really just cold puffs of air being exhaled at the time the shutter of the camera goes off. As long as we’re talking about weather, let’s talk about rain. It’s just a bad idea to investigate outside in the rain. No credible audio will be collected, no good photos are likely to appear.

BUT inside during a good storm could be just the ticket. The electricity generated by thunder and lightning can provide enough energy to make contact easier for the spirits. Instead of draining your batteries, the spirits can pull strength straight from the air. This has been seen in machines that generate static charges to simulate the same effect.

As always, no matter the weather, stay safe!


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