V for Vendetta

I wonder if I should just keep my “default” mood on these things as “cynical.” Just keeping it real. LOL

A friend of mine asked my opinion about something being sold involving Ryan Buell. Her exact question was something to the affect of, “Is this for real or just for money?” In the interest of full disclosure I told her that I never liked him but he is currently under investigation for “taking the money and run.” That’s the legal term 😉 She was very surprised, citing his fight with pancreatic cancer. She also felt he looked “too” well for someone with cancer. I had to agree. Pancreatic cancer is usually fast and fatal. She mentioned she has only heard of 1 person surviving pancreatic cancer and he’s a case study at many universities (she’s in medicine).

I also mentioned that he’s not even the first one accused of “performing” the Steve Miller Band song. Brian Harnois was recently hung out to dry for the same thing. Brian’s defense was, essentially, sorry, lost my laptop. My friend replied she didn’t think Harnois was smart enough to be devious. I tend to agree.

Then I remembered Theresa Caputo had also been hung out to dry lately. An investigator said he had done a lot of research and found her to be a fraud. This is almost always the case, however. There has yet to be a popular/TV psychic not take heat and be publicly crucified by someone at some point.

And then we have the rumor that SyFy is dumping all its paranormal shows to go back to science fiction.

All of these things combined make me wonder, is there some sort of personal vendetta against the paranormal community that I am unaware of? Has the pendulum swung back? Is it time for those on the fence or on the fringe to turn against each other? Is it now cool to be cynical?

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