Usufruct and @$$holes

Let me just start by saying that today I was an @$$hole and I ran into some @$$holes. To be fair, my reason was legit and unintentional. And while I understood the reason for the other @$$holes, it was not excusable or justifiable.

The Sierra Club mantra is one shared by a lot of people: Take only pictures, leave only footprints. I tend to follow that simply because I don’t want to take a screw or nail home with me and have it cause mass haunting hysteria in my home. I also believe in preservation. Most things in this world I did not help to create so I cannot destroy them.

Today I went to a place that will remain nameless because that’s how most of us like it. Its mostly used by artists and urban explorers. There’s a movement to make it a park but so far that has not been successful. My group enjoyed it because it’s picturesque in a non-traditional way.

While were at the “place,” there was a family also wandering around. I didn’t think too much of them at first. The mom had a camera bag so I assumed she was taken photographs of the family and the urban graffiti art. Then she started letting her kids pick up discarded tiles and smashing them against the ground. Okay, not my particular parenting style but no judgments.

Then the kids ran over to a building that had no roof. The ground we were standing on was level to wear the roof used to be. The kids nearly crawled over the edge and fell 3 stories down into a boiler room. Mom scolded the kids. Then the daughter threw a tile over the edge and watched it fall and shattered to into a million pieces. I was shocked. What was mom’s response? “Hey! I wanted to see that!” So then mom picks up a rock so she can watch it fall to the floor below. Now, they’re not throwing stones at what’s left of the windows or drawing giant penises on the walls but still not okay in my book. A team member was also upset at the complete disrespect of the building and the lack of parenting skills. Later the kids were found spray painting random signs out front.

For those of you not in the know, my daughter is special needs. If these kids were special needs and this was the best way the parents could allow the kids to work through their aggression issues, more power to them. However, there are likely better ways and these kids did not strike me as special needs.

These are the people that ruin it for the rest of us.


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