TV Bashing

During a recent discussion with other paranormal enthusiasts I noticed that on the topic of paranormal TV no one was a fan. Everyone had a ton of critiques and issues. Everyone’s a critic.

Remembering that Patrick Doyle of Ghost Mine had mentioned that most of his criticisms of paranormal TV was based out of jealousy (he admitted this publicly) I asked the group who would take a show if offered. As I assumed, the conversation starts out as people telling me there is no price on their integrity. A few minutes later, others chimed in with “Well, as long as I had creative control, no staging evidence, [insert whatever you want here] then I’d do it.” This was followed later by people just saying YES! I feel those people are the most honest. The bottom line is everyone has a price, they often don’t know it.

The most poignant post, I thought, was the following:

“Syfy was purchased by NBC and it grew to a multinational multimillion dollar industry.

Now the team has the pressure from the network to boost ratings and keep people watching. Unfortunately, by that time you have lost control and now you have hundreds of people depending on you for their living. Not just your team, but camera guys, audio guys, editors, producers, assistants, post production people, etc. It would become hard to put your foot down knowing the adverse effect it would have on so many people.”

Isn’t possible, however, that as you become more successful you have more creative control?

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