Tips for the ladies

There are few female paranormal investigators out there, and even fewer who seem to actually know what they’re doing. Here are some helpful hints for you female ghost hunters out there.

Attitude is everything. Being a woman has its perks in paranormal investigation. Child spirits will liken you to their mother. Female spirits, especially those killed by men, will look to you for help. A kindly gentleman, even in death, will be polite to a lady. All well and good for the dead.

Living people will treat you how you teach them to treat you. Act like a doormat and wallflower and the group will treat you like a doormat and wallflower. Do not sit idly by and let the men do all the work, take all the credit, receive all the praise.Do not be afraid to be the fearless leader or the brawn/muscle of the group. Speak up. Stand up. Be proud of what you do in the group and don’t be ashamed to say so.

Weather. Luckily women learn to pack a bag (purse) pretty early on and we can cram a lot of stuff in there. Mini-umbrellas. Lip balm. Tissues. Batteries. Bug spray (especially in the South). Hand sanitizer (please bring hand sanitizer. I can get as gross and dirty as the best of them but I don’t want some weird disease to pass on to my girl). I don’t bring a purse so I cram a lot into my gear bag.

Hair and Cosmetics. I only wear make up when I think my picture is going to be taken. Although as I age I seem to need it more and more. At any rate, one of the reasons I don’t like to wear it on investigations because I feel like I can’t itch my eyes or rub my forehead without smearing it and looking like a rabid raccoon. If you don’t care or don’t have that issue, wear whatever you feel best in. Please, please, please pull your hair back/up. I can’t tell you the number of times a stray hair was momentarily confused with a phantom light in a photo.

Clothing. Wearing clothing that fits is paramount. If a ghost makes the energy to touch you, you won’t feel it under your husband’s XXL sweatshirt. You may, however, get it caught on furniture and random nails. Don’t forget that there is always the possibility of running, jumping, crawling and other fun physical activities that can get you hurt as well as tear your clothes. Don’t wear your new Donna Karen running pants if you actually like them. Leave the designer skirt on the hanger if you think you may need to climb some rocky terrain. So make sure it fits, it moves, and it can protect you from snakes, bugs, cuts, and scrapes. Also, no shiny bras.

Shoes. Basically, don’t wear flip flops. Many women have a wide variety of shoes and that is beneficial when investigating. As mentioned above, you may need to climb, run and jump. Good hiking/running shoes (or boots) will help with that I also highly recommend rain boots. In the south we have swamps and flooding. In the North there’s ice, snow, and sleet that can really muck up the ground. My co-founder has to wear wedges because of her back. As long as you can move without hurting yourself, go for it. I also say you should have some good traction. Falling sucks, I know because I do it frequently.

I also recommend hairless legs. In the dark, spider webs, dirt, grass, etc. can feel like a spirit brushing past you when you’re unshaven.


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