Thin Ice SyFy & Other things that make me mad

First, as an epilogue to my last blog, the same awful investigation is being further desecrated by the fact that all evidence will be typed up as a report. A TYPED REPORT! That is not what a client wants or asks for. They want real proof. They want to hear and see what we have seen and heard. Not read about it. If it were me, one grammatical error or typo and I’d be completely done with paying attention to what it said.

Second on the list of things that are currently making me mad are places that charge outrageous sums to film their location. Especially when said place admits the only evidence they have is a few EVPs. Sorry but other places would LOVE to be called “haunted” and won’t charge us to prove it.

And now, on to my beef with SyFy. This blog is going to reminisce about earlier blogs so if you don’t usually follow along, you may have to read more of my blogs to truly get the full issue I’m having here.

First, I will harken back to when SyFy and Ghost Hunters held a national open casting call to be on “Ghost Hunters.” They gave every paranormal investigator the chance to submit evidence, bios, resumes, whatever, and maybe be considered for the role of investigator on the show. SyFy said the open casting call would last 4 weeks because they were desperate and needed someone ASAP since so many of the cast had left and they needed to fill the gap. At the time, 1L (Lesia) and I smelled something fishy. Why 4 weeks? That seems like an exceptionally long time for people with a national casting call. They would be flooded within hours and days, why take a month? Second, a show with the kind of following that they have already has dozens of contacts ready, willing, and able to step in. Not only past investigators from their own team over the last 10 years, but what about those from GHI or anyone they’ve investigated with in various states/locations? The whole thing reeked of something amiss.

1L and I also noted that Grant and Jason were somewhat quieter than normal on Twitter. I don’t follow Jason and I figured Grant was enjoying summer vacation with his family as the rest of us do. Suddenly yesterday they both posted to tune in to the Wil Wheaton Project (another SyFy show) for a special announcement. As you may or may not have already heard, Grant is returning to Ghost Hunters (after he said in his blog that he was only doing a few episodes and no more). I like Grant, but the SyFy scam suddenly all came together for me.

If you can’t follow my cynicism and corporate hatred, allow me to connect the dots for you. There’s an old trick where if you want to know where someone is hiding either someone or something, they’ll either look in the direction of where it/she is and deny its existence, or look everywhere EXCEPT where it/he is. Keep following me.

The rumor mill on this is 2 fold- one, that SyFy wants to go back to being science fiction and therefore has dumped nearly all of its paranormal shows (proof is in their line up) and 2- Ghost Hunters doesn’t have the ratings they used to.  Hang in there, we’re closing in.

If you were SyFy and a cast was abandoning the ship of a sinking show, what would YOU do? Take your time, think about it. I’ll wait…………. You’d look to see who your competition is, as well as potential replacements. How best to do that? Hold a national casting call. That’s right.

All those MILLIONS of paranormal investigators just handed over all their information to SyFy for a “fake” casting call when it was, in my opinion, a fishing expedition. SyFy wanted to know who else was gunning for the Ghost Hunters spot and how hot the competition out there was. And many people handed over all their info, pictures, evidence, and who knows what else in effort to be “picked” as the next investigator when in fact, it was only going to be used as a bargaining chip.

I can’t prove this, obviously. These are just the lines that I drew from the evidence that has been presented to me. If its true, shame on you SyFy.

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