The Paranormal as a Hollywood Trend

Zak Bagans bought a house called “The Portal to Hell.” Billy Bob Thornton bought an allegedly haunted house for his role in “Fargo.” Now Poveglia, the haunted island in Italy, is up for sale.

In the interest of full disclosure I have always said if I had the money I would absolutely buy a haunted house and rig it with as many cameras as possible and live feed it to the internet so anyone could keep on eye out for all things haunted at any time of night or day. My father-in-law also discussed the possibility of assembling a bunch of haunted houses in one area like a theme park, which has been done in Florida already.

Here’s the problem: currently, buying something haunted is considered in vogue or trendy. The problem with trends is that they end. When they end, everyone looks back and thinks, “UGH! Why did I wear that? Why did I buy that? Why did I think that sounded good?!?!” Then what? You have a rummage sale or donate it to charity. You can’t do that with haunted locations. Further, your reputation has been involved with something often considered “occult.” Let’s say you, a famous person, buy a haunted house. You tell the world you have done so. Later, you get married, have a family, buy a white picket fence in the suburbs of middle America. You go to church every single Sunday and become a pillar of your community. Great, right? Except that one “smudge” with the haunted house will ALWAYS be there and you may not always want it there. Remember Angelina Jolie was a completely broken freak of nature before she was a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. Some people will never forget that stage of her life, no matter what she does after that. I know, some of you reading this are thinking THAT’S GREAT! I would love to be rich and famous and own a house and the future be damned! It’s easy to say because you don’t know what the future will hold.

The other problem is the haunting. Some people are in over the heads when dealing with the paranormal. They have no business trying to “wrangle” some spirits in their house and think they’re braver or smarter than they really are. That tends to make things worse. The person instead of the place can be haunted. The person could become possessed and injured. The house could become more than just a house with a little ghost problem and become, well, the portal to Hell.

Trends are bad.

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