Super Secret Investigation

The holidays are over and API is back with a bang! If you didn’t listen to the show on 1/22/15 all I can say is YOU MISSED OUT. But hey, check the archives. If you really can’t be bothered, I’ll tell you an interesting story. A true story, no less. A sad suicide right here in Atlanta a few years ago.

I will reuse the aliases I used last night because some of this is still active and I can’t say for certain who wants to be associated with this story.

Dr. Frankenstein was a prominent doctor. He had a house in Dalton, a condo in Atlanta, and a house up in the mountains. He ran charity events and athletic leagues, and, most interestingly, a clothing-optional resort. The resort brings us to Bob and Trixie.

Trixie and Bob were married for close to 20 years. Trixie was a porn star and Bob her husband was also her manager, and even performed on screen with her for a few films.

Bob and Trixie met Dr. Frankenstein through the resort and the three became friends. Bob and Trixie would stay at times in the condo in Atlanta.

Unfortunately, Trixie claims that over a New Years weekend Bob beat her for three days straight. She had finally had enough. She left, stating they were separating, and she went to file for divorce. Bob was heartbroken. He asked Dr. Frankenstein if Bob could stay in the Atlanta condo for a bit. Dr. Frankenstein agreed.

A few days later, Dr. Frankenstein went to the condo to check on his friend. Upon his arrival, Dr. Frankenstein claims there were no cars to be seen in the garage or on the street but the music from upstairs was as loud as humanly possible. He sees drug paraphernalia on the table. He begins to cuss and complain about his friend having taken advantage, running up the electric bill, having parties… but when he gets to the turn in the stair case he sees Bob’s lifeless body slumped over a toilet with two envelopes propped up against his leg. Bob has convulsed so violently from his drug overdose he bit his tongue off.

Dr. Frankenstein finds the source of the music: a VHS cassette tape playing in a TV/VCR combo in the upstairs bed room, turned to full blast. Bob had recorded himself playing Grand Theft Auto because he enjoyed the music and had been listening to it that fateful night. He tried to eject the tape but no luck. Inserted a screwdriver, still stuck. Enough of the tape.

Dr. Frankenstein gets rid of the drug paraphernalia as he figures his friend’s demise is bad enough as is, no need to make things worse. Besides, it’s technically his place. He calls 911, and the whole thing is ruled a suicide by drug overdose. End of story… almost.

This is the part I can’t truly verify because there are no police records about the ensuing paranormal investigation or all the dirt I dug up after we discussed this case.

Dr. Frankenstein wasn’t a big believer in the paranormal. He wasn’t a nasty skeptic, just things are what they are. Until one day when our friend got an urgent call that said, in essence, “Get to the condo in Atlanta- BOB is haunting this place!!!” There were claims of an apparition from the head up, clearly showing Bob. She brought some investigative friends and they set up to do an investigation. After a slow start, an investigator said that they had, indeed, made contact with Bob. The alleged communication was via the TV that had been playing the VCR cassette of Bob’s music from the video game. They asked Bob to make one line go across the screen (which was now showing snow) for yes, two lines in the snow for no. They would ask questions and get lines in response. At the time, our friend wasn’t particularly sold, after all, the lines could be already in the tape and coinciding nicely with the questions. However. once they asked Bob if he had help with his suicide, the tape spit out from the VCR and landed on the floor – complete with scratches from the screwdriver used to try and wedge it out. Our friend still has said tape and is bringing it to the investigation on the anniversary of his death.

Post-investigation dirt and what not:

Our friend said she’s been meaning to talk about this for years, but recently said Bob paid her a ghostly visit and scared her to near death! He appeared over where she kept the above-mentioned video cassette. She decided its time to do something about it.

She called me and we discussed everything above and then I did some digging. We did wonder how Bob was able to bite his tongue off during his violent convulsing when he OD-ed but the envelopes were supposedly put nicely on his leg. There are rumors of being coaxed into suicide, having help, white supremacy, and the dark arts among other things. Hopefully we can sort out fact from fiction.

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