Patriarchy of the Paranormal

Just a quick vent. Since a pet peeve of mine is when people name drop (I honest and truly don’t care who you know and it really annoys me if that’s the only way you got where you are) I will keep this post as anonymous as possible.

I am sick to my stomach at the patriarchy that is the paranormal right now. I am beyond ready to unseat the king of all that is male-dominated in this profession. I am sick of there being no courageous female leaders of the paranormal on television. We are byproducts, usually part of an investigation by happenstance. Furthermore, the leader of this sexist oppression is beyond disgusting. He embodies all that is currently WRONG with our profession. He sabotages his own work by opening his mouth.

If you search of the paranormal via the internet you file find plenty, but all if it masterminded by the male gender. It seems completely unnecessary to undermine and oppress female investigators. Why are we not getting our dues? We work as hard, if not harder. We are smart (and in most cases smarter). We have just as many frightened wallflowers in our gender as men do. So why is this profession still making us second class citizens?


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