Orbs: Fact or Fiction?

Orbs are a very divisive topic among paranormal investigators. On one side, there are those that believe orbs are never anything more than dust and dirt (or bugs, or debris, or sun spots, or reflections, etc.). The other side tends to say that orbs can be a symptom of a larger paranormal occurrence. I fall somewhere in the middle. I have seen some orbs that could not possibly be anything other than a colored ball of light that seemingly appears out of nowhere, and sometimes appears to have movement. I have seen some orbs that appear to contain the faces of the deceased. I have also seen sun spots, reflections, dirt, dust and the like and they have almost tricked me. Luckily, my husband is a photographer so I often get his professional opinion on something that is causing me consternation. He frequently attempts to recreate shadows and explain away anomalies I have captured. He has taught me, for example, to shoot with my back to the sun so I can avoid sunspots. If a potential orb shows up in the exact same general area in more than one photograph, it is more than likely time to clean my lens.

That said, there appears to be many unanswered questions regarding orbs: Do the different colors mean anything and if so, what? Why do some appear to have faces in them and others look closer to bubbles? Is a singular orb indicative of a singular spirit? How do you explain a haunting of one spirit where there are multiple orbs? I’ve also heard that orbs within orbs can mean pregnancy. I can’t imagine that’s true as I’ve seen one picture with three orbs within another orb. Triplets are rare enough in the real world, so having a mother with triplets dead and haunting a place while pregnant seems highly unlikely to me.

There is no orb expert, nor can there be because the community as a whole is too divided on the status of orbs.normal_Hope_ghost_orb

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